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Thanks for stopping by! We can't wait to hit the streets with The J-Mobile. We will have more information and a schedule up soon! In the meantime, make sure you follow us on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.


About The J-Mobile


Like the restaurant, the food truck will feature a 100% plant-based menu. Operations will begin in August of 2017 and will concentrate in Saint Paul and the East Metro. Both Reverie and The Herbivorous Butcher food trucks, both introduced last month, feature plant-based menus and concentrate on Minneapolis and the West Metro. The J. Mobile’s first big scheduled event will be the Twin Cities Veg Fest at Harriet Island on Sunday, September 16. 

J. Selby’s, founded and owned by Matt Clayton, opened in April 2017. The 100% plant-based restaurant proved so popular it had to shut down for nearly two weeks after selling out of food. During that time, they doubled their staff and reorganized the kitchen to ensure they could meet the high demand for plant-based eats. Diane Satriano, who was a part of the J. Selby’s team since the very beginning, will transition to the food truck and manage its operations. Diane is the mastermind behind the Community Bowl tokens at J. Selby’s, which help provide low cost meals to those in need. She is working on a similar program for the truck and “has always dreamed of running a food truck”. 

“I’m thrilled at how the truck has turned out,” says Clayton. “It’s a big step in bringing plant-based foods to people who might not want to travel into St. Paul.”